Assistant Professor

Quantitative Psychologist

About Me

I am a quantitative psychologist and applied statistician. I earned my PhD in quantitative psychology and master’s degrees in quantitative psychology and applied statistics from The Ohio State University. My advisor was Dr. Andrew Hayes and my research interests include latent variable modeling (i.e., multilevel, structural equation, item response theory) and statistical mediation and moderation analysis. My research focus is balanced between advancements in quantitative methods and software implementation to make these advancements more accessible to other researchers. 




School of Behavioral Health
Division of Interdisciplinary Studies
Loma Linda University, Griggs Hall, Office 228
11065 Campus St., Loma Linda, CA 92350



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Current Software Projects


An SPSS macro for fitting multilevel mediation and moderated mediation (conditional process) models.


An R package for fitting generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs) with factor structures. 


An SPSS macro for fitting explanatory one-parameter item response models.